The Higgledy Piggledy Band
About the band

Who do they play for?

Well anyone from the most accomplished dancer to the rawest beginner. They love their beginners raw! This makes Higgledy Piggledy the perfect band for audiences of mixed abilities. They thrive on weddings, anniversaries and corporate events as well as the more traditional PTAs and church hall fundraisers. Oh - and Folk Festivals as well.

What do they do?

Ensure you have a good time. They have a Caller who encourages involvement, teaches the moves and helps you to become fantastic. They also have a dancing sound engineer who is likely to join in at any time and help you get it slightly right.

What sort of music is it?

Mainly revved-up British traditional-type dance music - jigs n' reels - that sort of thing.

Where are they from and where do they play?

They're from Lincolnshire, some of them from the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln on the river Witham (home of Witham 'n' Blues music). They play wherever you want them to play.

They have toured the continent – well, a little bit of it – and appeared on television and radio, including Radio Two's "Folk on 2". More surprisingly, one of their recorded tracks was once the choice of some unknown music lover in the Hong Kong version of Desert Island Discs! One radio station in the USA even devoted a whole programme to them, without having a clue who they were!

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