The Higgledy Piggledy Band
A (very) short history of the band

Having been around since the late 1970s the Higgledy Piggledy Band has acquired a vast experience in ceilidhs, barn dances etc - call them what you will. Having started as a four piece for a one off gig they found themselves in demand at venues around their native Lincolnshire and eventually farther afield.

Early changes saw the addition of euphonium, electric bass and a move to a full drum kit to replace the bodhran. This distinctive sound, led by the accordion of Bill Whaley and the melodeon of Dave Fletcher, has given many people an irresistible urge to dance - an urge that is seemingly not yet sated.

From the early round of PTAs and charity fund raising events they have moved by way of major national folk festivals to a market that takes in weddings, anniversaries and corporate events.

Like any long-running band they have changed line-ups along the way, albeit infrequently, but without ever altering their commitment to providing the audience with every opportunity to enjoy itself and to share the fun of a Higgledy Piggledy ceilidh. They have acquired a wealth of experience enabling them to adapt to any audience and any situation and to play any type of ceilidh-related function. Now electric fiddle-led (played by the virtuoso Rick Alliwell) abetted by the distinctive brass of Tim Walker they still play with a freshness that belies the vintage of the band. The dances are usually straightforward enough to enable ceilidh newcomers to participate fully, yet interesting enough for the experienced.

The current line up brings together a big-band loving, soul music inspired trumpeter, one jazzer of a bass player, a classically trained rock influenced country and western punk fiddler, a fey folkie guitar strummer and a young and untamed prog rock drumming sensation. I'll leave you to imagine what that sounds like! It'll be OK - Trust me!!

So who are they? If you have not clicked on a band members' photo (below) then do it now and find out just who they are...

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